AUGUST 15, 2014
For the first 12 years of our existence, we have operated pretty much under the radar. But today we are proud to welcome you to the first Vitathinking web site. If you see any holes here, please let us know and we'll do our best to caulk them.


may 1, 2015
Since fall of 2014, Vita Group has been working with 3M to roll out the Salesforce® CRM application to its employees worldwide. The video we produced below is used as a meeting opener for employee groups who are learning about the capabilities of Salesforce. 

MARCH 15, 2015
As an inspirational prelude to the 2015 paddleboarding season, Vita Group created a video for Aqua-Bound paddles (and its web site) that invites women to consider trying the sport – for themselves.