> to be unencumbered by bureaucracy 
    > to be unwavering in seeking good chemistry 
    > to be unbiased in evaluating strategies 
    > to be uncommon in creating solutions 
    > to be unequalled in delivering value

Fortunately for me, along the way I found a group of individuals who felt like I did, and who've propelled Vita Group beyond what I could have ever accomplished myself. (You can learn more about all of us on the "People" page.) 

We all work out of our home offices, but are as close and productive as five people residing in the same agency hallway or cube farm. The biggest difference: all of our offices have a kitchen and an attached garage.

At right, you will see a list of the principles that guide our work for you.   


Hi, I'm Jon Anderson. Talking about me does not come naturally, since I'm clinically introverted and ethnically Swedish. But because most clients want to know a little something about the people they're hiring to help them, I will give you a quick blurb on this page. 

In 2002, after 30 years in the advertising agency business, including 20 years managing creative departments, I put out a shingle for Vita Group. 

My goal was then, and still is, to become a valued contributor to clients in the health care and healthy living arenas. To offer big-agency thinking without big-agency costs. To help clients, small and large, achieve their dreams.  In a reasonable (and, when necessary, unreasonable) time frame. 

VITA Biography